Thursday, October 14, 2010

Website update (10-14-10)

I hope to have this baby up and running Friday/Saturday night around midnight!


Also, it will feature a vid from justun talking about the war

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Status of website

Some think 13 days...but it will be MUCH sooner than that. And if 4chan or ebombs wurld tries to stop me...I won't have it!

Think this is fake?

You'll see it when the new website is up!

my website

Im still in the process of buying a suck it ass clowns.

Comments can be left here...but NOT BY HATERS!

Leave your glorifying comments of me here..but no hater should post...if sooooo.....I will be forced to make fun of you!

Stop hating on my Facebook or I will remove you! for GOOD!

over at my facebook page...haters are spammming me and makign fun of Justin. I won't have it.

I'll start an official hater thread shortly...metal head cock suckers!